Saturday, October 30, 2004

24/7 Prayer & my sleepless existence!

Well if you read yesterdays blog you'll see I had a crazy nite not actually gettin to bed til around 4:45am as I unwound after the essay by trying to convince my flat mate not to experiment with ouija boards when he goes home this weekend, so lift that up! The essay went in fine and after going to the wrong lecture for an hour listening to EU law (whata nightmare) I went to work til 6. Then for the second time ever went to CU, twas Ok, afterwards went back to Ben and Graeme's played Risk (thats why Im notw back so late) and talked about getting involved insetting up a 24-7 Prayer week next february. Pretty cool. Tomorrow im in work for 8:30am which means being up for 7am without an alarm as I left my phone at work by accident, heinous.


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