Friday, October 22, 2004

Thursday is Anticipation Day

Well Anthropolgy is being philisophical today looking at how objects and animals may also be persons too. Random I know but if you really want the whole thing you can mail me! at It got me thinking a bit though about have animals souls etc, I know alot of people think they do, well if you want to know what I think about that then email me too, as for those of you are think there are better things to do with lives than to be an academic pondering these ridiculous questions (yes dont worry I am you most of the time too) the rest of my day was consumed by looking at my flat contract, because of a revelation I will tell you about later. Then off to the Lucious job (terrible pun eh!) and then to Hannah (Craigs gfriends) to watch Mona Lisa Smile (may be I just wasnt in the mood) and shrink my jumper in the dryer oops! Washing is a massive deal, what a night mare. now home to sleep on the floor, well thermarest actually which is about ten times better than the floor, check these puppys out here


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