Friday, October 29, 2004

October is just an evening month

Hi there, well firstly would you look at the time of this post, no I havent changed the time im actually writing at virtually 4 in the morning, let this be a lesson to you all...Remember essay deadlines so your not up the night before too late! Lots of work at Lush at the moment which is good prospectively financially but not so good, academic/time very tired but pondered shortly how theologically correct the statement "God is moving" is. Oh Also for those of you who the downloads are working then sorry I would fix it if I knew what was wrong but they work fine when I try them to go to fiwishop (My Photo Album) link on the right hand side check out the Orkney album click on the pic then again to get a full size then right click "save picture as" individually. Also the links for downloads might work if you right click on them and click "save target as" Anyway Im off to bed for 3hours. Hope your sleeping well right now


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