Monday, November 08, 2004

I discovered a new part of the library

Ok, so it wasn't that exciting, but everytime I went to study in the library I went to the ground floor desk tables (quickest costa access) and thought man theres a real lack of study area here sort it out! But then I was walkin into Uni at 7pm (yeah after hours shamone) with Fred not forestor (the singaporean...see earlier posts in the archive) and he was like "yeah man check the other 5 floors out there really quiet and you get a whole table to yourself" and I did (see the new title yeah thats on the 3rd floor) so much excitement! This also reminded me of a Louie Giglio sermon at SS a few years back when he talked about the hotel room, well for those of you who heard it you'll know for those of you who didnt it was basically (in reference to my library not the hotel room) saying that we often live our Christian lives on the ground floor being sold short with small study areas and nasty librarians (Jesse Foot is the best librarian I know for future reference for those of you in the St Austell area) but God wants you to check out the rest of the library if your bored with Christianity then check out the rest of the place its not about levels like in the library but we can get real stuck on the ground floor, and its a real shame coz when you go looking for more of God its always full of adventure and uncertainty which is much more exciting than mediocre safety and it means you can know God in a fuller way and with a better perspective, and I was challenged thinking about it how often can people who are maturer Christians (there must be a better term than that btw) get caught up with seeing the ground floor then checking out 1,2 and 3 when theres so much more, so keep chasing God too often we get too comfortable with our image of God and were gonna get quite the wake up when we get to heaven to find out God never fitted into any of our boxes. Run the Race guys!


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