Sunday, November 07, 2004

Not so short bulletin

Ive been away up to St Combs for the weekend, played in the band at church which was awesome, stayed at Jane, Emelies and Rachaels for the weekend, had a great time, God has been speaking to me about church as he has so much recently and Im gonna have to blog it some time or later, also I left a folder with all my notes in my politics lecture on friday in a rush to meet Fred Forester for coffee so pray I find that tomorrow! Apart from that this week is loads of work for me, more work than Ive done since back in the day in college, so pray I can apply myself to it. Also Steve Fortunato (or steve futurama as hes now nicknamed) is coming up from the Lifting this week for those of you that know of him and I would love to spend some time with him, but work is really my priority. I had a great weekend but im real tired so Im needing strength this week. Also I was coerced to play a slot at the churches open mic nite (I looked at the list and my name was on it!) and have to find a song to play....ideas leave a comment or email me! Anyway will expand more when I have time, but everything is going to be a bit crazy this week and living often takes up time over blogging. Heres a quick pic I took when wandering outside the girls house this morning waiting for the shower (Click on them for bigger versions)


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4/15/2007 07:10:00 am  
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