Sunday, November 14, 2004

Im going to try to Change my Degree!!

Recently I have been strongly thinking about changing my degree WHAT I hear you say, well I wouldnt have applied to do this but since Ive been here the thing on my mind and my heart has been to really get into Gods Word, well Politics is great and I can also study this along side what I want to do which is Divinity, Some people I know do the course and I feel that it will much better equip me for what I feel God is calling me to do, I have discussed it with a few people up here and down in Cornwall, I also talked to my pastor up here in Aberdeen (well st combs really) and he is happy to add a facet of practical application and mentor me through it as well. Please pray that I follow Gods leading in this whole thing. I really feel this is an outworking of my huger to know more of God and to know his word....So Im going into Uni tommorow to discuss it with lecturers so pray that if its right god will open doors. Another Good thing is I can keep the credits Ive earned this semester! "Studying Divinity at Aberdeen involves a concentration on the study of Christian faith, life and doctrine in a historical, cross-cultural and contemporary context. It incorporates study and research in the following five areas: Church History, Hebrew Bible, New Testament, Practical Theology and Systematic Theology. There is also the option to study one or more of the ancient Biblical Languages as a route to understanding Biblical writers, thinkers and commentators in their original form. " The Department has produced notable scholars and theologians, such as John Forbes, George Campbell, William Milligan, William Robertson Smith, David S. Cairns and G.D. Henderson.


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