Monday, November 15, 2004

Living for JESUS

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I know Ive posted this picture before, but its my background right now because its such an awesome photo, I was really tired last night but got to bed at a resectable hour and slept for 10 hours! But anyway before I went to bed I was feeling a little flustered that my essay was in for today (yesterday it was tommorow) and I hadnt actually typed it yet, anyway I just thought time to spend some time with the almighty, I was sitting at my computer praying and God just gave me freedom to be a wierdo, I went in my mind and stood on top of that peak and looked around I was free, and I was just worshipping God for the beauty and wildness of who he is, that hes calling us to adventure and to run after him and to stand for his name and everything it stands for. I also thought just coz im in a little student room in aberdeen doesn't mean im any further from God than I would be on top of that mountain so its time to have a good time of communion with God, that sounds like a really Christian word but I cant think of anything betterto describe when we meet with God, (side track: I know I hate the whole Christian vocabulary thing as well, but sometime just like the King James Version words can have deeper and truer meanings that any word that might be a bit more culturally relevant). We can so loose out in our walk with God when we concentrate too much on other things within Christianity like the whole Calvanism debate, church models, gifts of the spirit, these are all good things to think about but God wants us to be refined by him to know him and to walk with him, I wonder if we sacrifice our relationship with him sometimes when we run off getting too involved with Christianity? I think its time to be Jesus centred, people have been harking on about the end times for decades, centuries and the bible tells us we are never going to know when it is, so lets live life not "like" it counts because it does count. There is a great little saying from the guys at 24/7 Prayer, "live like it all depends on you, pray like it all depends on God" hope thats right coz Ive just remembered it but if its not then sorry 24/7 and I think its a good saying anyway. Let live for Jesus not just for new wave/movement ideas or the next "event".


Blogger John Gillespie said...

Bro, you said it and embodies my heart in one small paragraph. Cheers for reminding me who i am.... Blessings Liam

11/15/2004 06:53:00 pm  

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