Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Interesting Stuff #3

See what you think about this, if it goes over your head then dont worry it probably would have for me 6 months ago, but if it dosent it brings up some really interesting points, Ive been thinking about emergent church models, not so emergent churches (im completely not going to describe that to you) and then more traditional models of church and whether certain things are valid or what ever, what im not really explaining very well is Ive been thinking about how we do church is that is there a better way to worship in community I have come to 2 almost conclusions which really aren’t very helpful they are 1) Some new emergent church stuff is really beneficial to reaching out to the culture we find ourselves in and the fact that they are looking at how best to communicate to their culture while being bible believing is I think God honouring for want of a better phrase 2) Some of the old stuff while maybe to some irrelevant was still an expression of someone at sometime of worship to the same God and he never changes so how much can our worship to him fundamentally change?? Anyway this post was never meant to be about my thoughts on church so heres the post which in some parts really resonates with me and the one you really should be reading


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