Friday, November 19, 2004

The Return of the Snow...The Adventure continues

Well I thought yesterday was snow but Oh no I was wrong this is snow!!! By the way a little note is thatIm not pulling some dodgy pose there I have a snowball in my hand, no really, ok your just gonna have to believe me! Check it out real big time snow, pretty awesome, I had snow ball fights with Frazer brown for those of you who know him and then we went touristy sightseeing around our very own Uni!!! Snow Rocks but Im very cold! Check out the album of photos here because I couldnt pick just a few I put all of them up, and I took some not too bad ones even if I do say so myself with my 0.1 megapixel bad boy. By the way also theres two pages so click on the 1,2 on the bottom right of the page Oh also you can see a thumbnail slideshow here if you want too! The number of options must be overwhelming. Oh by the way if you've never used my Fiwishop photo gallery then basically click on the photos to get into the file then click again if you want a full size one to save on it, and also there are loads of different gallerys so click on the link to the right to check out some photos for the last 2 years of my life!....PS Just as a final plug I liked this photo.


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