Friday, November 19, 2004

St Combs Community Church

When I came to Aberdeen I knew it was important to find a church, and well I went to this church the 1st sunday I was in Aberdeen just to go to church on a sunday and thought Ill just come here this week and Ill find a church later this week or something, but then I came here! Apart from the great advantage of knowing people before I came, so it felt more like family and being in community (which is basically what church is) I really loved the peoples hearts for their community outside the church, their community inside the church and just their passion for Jesus. Ive now been for a couple of months and I feel that I will probably be here until something happens as far as God giving me biblical style signs to go somewhere else. Anyway Im loving St Combs Community Church, its about 40 miles outside of Aberdeen which is crazy as I was travelling about 28 to get to Grace in Cornwall, but there is something of God which resonates with who he has made me to be here with the whole ethos of the church and I love it. Also these photos are a bit like those Where's Wally things I could never do, see if you can spot me! (this requires you to have exhausted all your free time watched all your DVD's with Commentary from everyone including the guy who got the water for the celebs)


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