Thursday, November 25, 2004

Exetentionalism in Starbucks!

Hey, Well allow me a moment/post to brain dump....Im sitting downstairs in Starbucks just now drinking a nice Venti Americano, steamed milk with a shot of vanilla basically just a whole lot of coffee which as we all know is filled with caffeine which Ive previously posted about so in light of that this may be the caffeine talking but sometimes I have an out of situation experience (in contrast to an out of body one)basically widening my perspective then right here right now. But anyway Im having one right now and just stepping back realising how fortunate and glad I am that Im in Aberdeen, listening to Frank Sinatra singing Christmas songs at a mood setting level, drinking coffee in starbucks and reading pretentious academic studies into linguistics in pre-typographic cultures (you know Id tell you what it meant if it was important but it really isnt) for an essay I have to write. Anyway had a relalisation that Im a long way from home (about 700 milesish) on my dinner break from a job in a handmade cosmetics shop (now thats just surreal) Anyway to cut to the point we can really take life for granted (bear with Im really trying not to turn this post into a "aren't we so lucky we live in the west and God has really blessed us" even though those things are true, this is something a bit more genuine just that we can often pootle (if thats even a word and if thats how you spell it if it exists) along in life without acknowledging Gods Faithfulness in all the steps to where we are and I think that requires something more than just being thankful it requires something more worship with our lives, their direction and purpose, and worship with our lives is life to the full, lives of sacrifice and saying our lives are for Gods Purpose not our know what Im not sure where this is going but basically the point is Gods so so good and just that he put the stars in the skies but also wants to be in relationship with us. Ok by the way 10 points for anyone who can spot the caffeine wearing off anywhere in that.


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