Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Too Busy to post!?

Sorry I really cant post just now too busy living life Id love to tell you stuff in my head and around me so Ill summarise the last few days but I cant expand so allow me to leave Nerdville for a second, coz life is busy and good...mostly. Sunday was good at church and I ended up staying over at Stu and emelies on sunday nite which was great to spend some "quality" time and then I went for a walk on the beach which was cool just to be in a beautiful place but then I fell in a river trying to get back and had to borrow shoes and trousers from Stu. Then Monday was a work filled day, followed by another day of lectures which was interesting as far as the content goes, but another time for that. Anyway today I met Forbes and Stu for lunch and consequentially starbuck to top up on a caramel machiatto then I went back to the church for a scary feat of climbing in to the roof of the church with Stuart I was officially the first person who goes to the church to go in there woohoo for heights, it was soooo scary but I loved it in retrospect. Anyway made no sense, well sorry life is for living and right now sleeping so I can get up and work on Uni stuff so I can then go to work.


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