Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Life is unable to be eloquently expressed very often so Music does it for me

Hey Guys well Ive been really adventuring right now, adventures of the heart but also adventures in life outside my self. And Im still thinking about the things and new things that normally I would blog about but I would not be being productive unfortunaly to my Uni work which needs to take precidence and I cant unfold my life and thoughts to you right now because of time, and also the feeling that things are in the process if you get what I mean so the best way of blogging to you right now is letting you know whats rocking my audio world, well I downloaded the free single of the week by Brett Dennen from iTunes Music Store and I would definatly recommend checkin out Dester Sunrise which is the only song Ive got but its cool, kind of Damien Rice crossed with Josiah Gillespie (you know your a rock star Bo). Also Kanye West is till kicking out the Jams for me, I'm also surprisingly chilling to some World Music which is always the aisle I run past in HMV but check out Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix) and 1 Giant Leap - Dunya Salum if you are interested. By the way Im checkin this by seeing my "most played" playlist in iTunes so another would be "breathing the Breath" by Matty R such a cool song not run its course in speaking to me yet. Anyway music speaks to my heart and I think theres something about music that sets it apart for God as far as everyone says worhsip is more than music which is true but I think theres also something really special about Music. Gotta love it!


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