Friday, December 03, 2004


Well this is the first for 2 years (I know thats not much but Im still going for the sympathy vote) I havent celebrated Thanksgiving with the Gillespies, I was gutted....Especially knowing all the cool stuff goin on in Cornwall. I was ultra gutted looks like you guys had lots of fun. But I did get some cold water action, in the North Sea in November wooohooo, needless to say I was the only one who went in for a swim apart from a girl in the church who got baptised. Yeah living the adventures up here in North East Scotland! Unfortunatly I didnt get any pics but there is a video with a guy saying "Eh, Craig hes ne wired reet" so you'll just have to believe me I did it. But I would have digged to do the gold diggins with the guys in cornwall check out Johns post about it here. Also if your feeling like using some of your bandwidth download the video its about 3mb and you'll need windows media player to play it, if your not sure u should be fine go on indulge and click here if that dosent work right click and save target as.


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