Monday, December 06, 2004

The Essays, my spanking new blog

The Essays, well I thought that I might as well share the love which is my academic burden well the products of anyway so Ive set up this other blog for my essays and longer posts like the one the other day, this is full of sociology, politics and Anthropology but soon it will be divinity so may be of more use and interest to you, right now unless your really interested in whether educational sucess is related to family circumstances or the contemporary role of the president and how it alignes with the constitutional ideals, no thought not, well if you've ever been to any academic institute the they will tell you in research and study that most of the stuyff on the internet is drivel and trash, I think its a safe bet to take to approach my new blog "the essays" with the same thoughts! Anyway enjoy, Im sure Ill be linking to it muchos in the future, so for now just humour me.


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