Monday, December 06, 2004

Last Church day @ St Combs

(Sorry about the terrible stitch photo) -> It was my last night at church for the year, had a good day, this morning got a phone call from Andrew Jones to meet up and I was gutted I never got the chance in the end, I think that makes it 3 times its failed, anyway if your reading this and you still have my trousers Andrew then give them to Miriam and she can drop them off in Aberdeen when shes down from Orkney for a week. Anyway back to church this morning, I played guitar with Stu and I really enjoyed it as ever, we recorded it on some naf old tape recorder out the side of the sound desk, which didnt pick up the drums but its an interesting re-cap anyhow, also I snapped my D string what a bummer! Anyway a Cool guy I met at teen challenge called Jack was preaching in Forbes' absense in New York, and it was great stuff about letting God sow into your life into the rocky parts etc, then some great sausages and potatos at the girls house in their absense as well, then I attempted to do some of my sociology essay, that went ok, 400 words down!...In the evening Les Fyvie preached on immaturity in the church and brought up some really good points on democracy and how it has no or little place in the church...comment on that if you'd like I may well be blogging more on that in the future as its a cognitive majority at the moment. Anyhoo very busy week ahead so Im not gonna say theres likely to be little blogging coz that normally means theres loads, but my schedule is monday finish off my soc essay and get some exam requirements sorted out also lunching/coffee with Fred the Forestor, tuesday as ever a busy day at Uni hopefully some work on the Politics essay in the evening up to church for Bible study, wednesday is a massivly full day of Lush work 8:30 - 6pm then a kind of leaving meal from the Indian with the lads in the flat, Thursday Im hoping to get up to St Combs catch some people before I leave and meet with Forbes and Stu, Friday is just getting Uni finished off and in the evening going to the work Christmas party, saturday I wanna meet up with you if your free then 4pm off to London to see John hara! What a week I know you probably are none the wiser for reading that but I needed to plan that out myself so I might as well do it on the blog.


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