Wednesday, December 08, 2004

In the land of Academic Insomnia

Above is the face of a tired but content Liam Byrnes...its 5:58 am!...Can you believe I got up at 9am yesterday and still havent slept!!! I had a crazy day (check my earlier post) and now thought I would post about my hardcore night, well after the Christmas dinner with the germans (2am) I thought man this sucks that essay is going to take ages and is gonna weigh on me for the next couple of days til I get it sorted, so I thought right Im gonna mission it! So I did, I did all the reading, research, structuring, writing, and bibliographed it all, done and dusted!!! Awesome my last essay of my first semester, I think I may re-visit it before I hand ti in and tidy it up a little as Im sure I learnt how to sleep and type when writing this essay so I dont think it will be my best mark to date, but still Ive got it done and now I can get excited about going to the US, tho im actually too tired for it to sink in, anyway if your reading this on friday then pray for me, becauese its not 6 I have to get up at 7 to get into town for 8am to work until 6pm crazy, in his strength alone! Phew Im gonna get some precious minuites of light off, bless y'all oh yeah here I go, another mission of a day!!!


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