Wednesday, December 08, 2004

He gives and take away

I lost my job!...well lets be honest a homemade cosmetics retailer was never my bag but I have known Gods favour in getting the job and the finance, also more importantly God placed me there for reasons realy clear to me now, the main one being to be in contact with someone who works there who is a firly new christian and is finding their feet still. Well Lush I salute you for impressive products and well kind fo silly prices. To read the rest of this post click "continue reading" below I know God has my finances and although this definatly means I am less secure in my financial position than I was, I think insecurity always breeds reliance on God so that can't be bad. Also I was thinking of finding a new job when I came back preferably in GAP or Starbucks! Also I think Ill give it a break until after my exams in january, because as long as I budget well I reckon thats is a good idea and will be good for my results. Im listening to Praise You by Fatboyslim right now, random I know but the starting line for these funky beats are "we've come a long, long way together through the hard times and the good, I have to celebrate you baby, I have to praise you like I should" although Im not referring to God as baby (Jane knows that after that convo about one hundred hours) its true God is good and as the title stolen from the new "here I am to worship", Blessed be your name says "you give and take away my heart will choose to say, Lord blessed be your name" Its not only that because bad stuff we must say God is still worthy even though that is true its the realisation that he deserves glory for the bad thing because he has it in his purposes and his purposes are for us to prosper not in a financial sense necessarily, but will in giving you fullness of heart, purpose, vision and oppurtunitys to serve him. Last nite in at house group at st combs someone spoke over me about strong love, which seems strange words to say but it really spoke to me that love is gentle and kind but its purposeful and strong and we can love with a strength and a stability that comes from god, this might be going over your head but I hope not, because to be honest wishy washy christianity is not the calling on our lives we were born into battle and even though the war has been won (massively plugging this from rick hayes last nite but hey theres no copyright in the kingdom) we are still fighting, another cool revelation I hear someone say once is the reason fo the battle and the reason we experience attack is that The devil hates God and we are made in the image of god, the devil cant hurt god so he ties to hurt us". Anyway know your in a battle and in battle time, its time to carry weapons and bullets (the word of God), tangent: I think now is the time to know God and Gods word. So there you are he gives and takes away and we've gotta keep blessing his name. Anyway in the non heart side of the losing job thing, the fact she just said, well bestr of luck in the futture kind of peeved me just coz she didnt come right out and say, Oh we dont need you in Jan etc, anyhoo I cant be bothered to be offended, but for the last day they worked my ass off, which felt even harder because of last nite see post before one...but anyway I trudged through and had a good time with the guys I worked with for my last shift, also a life saver was to see Stu and emelie for lunch at starbucks, great coffee with great company, I think I will miss spending time with them over Christmas, and more generally church and all the cool stuff like the ceilih (i know thats spelt wrong) but I am also getting more excited to go to the states and cornwall for new year, although I think actual excitement will hit when I see John down in London, I was also meant to see Mikaela and Amy (guys from SITC) tommorow as there in St Andrews but its not working ou, which in some way although it would have been good to see them means I have a free day to clean my room, wash clothes and pack. Also I think Ill drop off my essay on Friday and see if I can make it up to St that looks like my last week of 2004 in Aberdeen!


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