Monday, December 13, 2004

The Weekend Adventure -> from Scotland to England

Hey guys, I made it down on the plane to Heathrow finally, after a lot of craziness before I left, met Joy from Fusion in the morning which was awesome, to see her heart for Aberdeen and just was great to connect with someone who had a great heart. Also saw Hartley and her motley Orcadian crew! So there was plenty of starbucks lovin! then I realized I hadn’t thought about how to do the whole get to the airport thing...mmmm not such a great idea 2 1/2 hours before the flight! Anyway I went to the First bus shop, they typically didn’t run buses to the airport at Dyce on Saturdays then I went to the other bus stop which apparently did but the queue took ages and I was feeling the Gravitas of the situation so I went and checked out trains, no luck there either so I decided expensive as it may be Taxis where the mode of travel for this short leg so I got home on a bus finalized packed up stuff said goodbye to the Germans upstairs who for some reason want a shout out on the blog, so cheesy shout out coming up, hey Alex, Daniele and Connie, Ich bin Zehr Muder (the only German phrase they've taught me! "I am very tired" that is spelt phonetically as well so good luck. Anyway back to the situation in hand I said Goodbye to the guys in the flat, then I realized Oh flip I haven’t handed in that last Sociology essay, and the taxi had turned up!!! Also hadn’t printed out my e-ticket for the flight to London, so basically what I thought was a plan turned out to be me in major stress because of all this, so it became a bit of a film moment, with me asking the taxi driver to take me to Uni, so I went to give it in and all the doors were locked, student reception closed (finding out all that took me a lot of sweaty betty running!) so I went to the computer rooms to print off my e-ticket, and only today did I realize the very heinous nature of the fact that Uni passwords a re like 14 characters long with capitals and numbers how annoying, well then back to the taxi and back to the flat to give Manuel my essay to hand in, the taxi driver was great by the way absolute props, he was like, its fine stay calm you’ve still got an hour till check in, then we talked about Aberdeen and stuff on the way to the airport but it was really good, coz it didn’t seem to be just boring taxi driver banter, we actually talked it was great, so I got to the airport and it turned out the whole escapade only cost me like £15, which was cool. From here on it was pretty sweet, I love flying BA, its so plush, I went tot eh self service check in which is a great Idea you just pop in your debit card it finds your booking number then gives you a plan of all the seats and you use its touch screen to select which seat you want, awesome! SO I picked emergency exit aisle window seat PERFECT, so then I went though to departures, as ever my belts setting off and getting the mandatory tap down, so I grabbed some coffee and sorted my hand luggage bag out coz Id crammed loads of papers in there for Uni revision, I had about an hour it turned out in departures where I slept, texted, thought and talked to John on the phone for a bit. I know this is irrelevant but we flew a A319 which is one of the only times I flown inter city on a jet with BA before. Anyway another thing of interest is that I got the whole way without any ID asked for at all, I mean at all just my boarding card! The flight was cool it was just past dusk in Aberdeen so when we got above to clouds it was dark but I could see the sunset in the distance and that’s the kind of stuff makes me wanna forget clothes shopping on this trip and buy a plush digital camera! The food was awesome as well, nothing like BA service that’s all I’ve got to say, Heathrow was a bit of a nightmare as they don’t actually have any exit signs! But finally found John and we had an awesome time, halving a pack of raspberry airwaves and eating like 4 each! No need! So here I am now safe and sound we've been watching Dave Matthews DVDs washing clothes watched an awesome movie last night with Jute the man, called Dancing with Wolves which I would defiantly recommend. We also went for a crazy run, I’ve never run so far in my life must have been about 2 miles but it killed me but felt good, I think were off again today when John gets back from work from Starbucksio!. But basically I’m flying to New York on Tuesday then to Ohio but stuff has changed and it looks like we will be jetting across New York instead of spending some time, but were trying to revise that as much as pos, anyway until the 29th I’m on the other side of the pond, so blogging will be nice and sporadic but sort out some RSS and you don’t have to check all the time....see ya later Blog reader, to his glory...the Adventure continues-


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