Sunday, December 19, 2004

Land of the Free

Well, here I am in a the beautiful house of the gillespie's relatives, its snowing outside and we just came home from a southern baptist church service who gave us free insulated mugs! what a catch!....sporting a very cool bible baptist logo. Anyway being here in the states has been a great experience, We've taken hundreds of photos which you'll see popping up when I get back as we havent got the software right now to uploads them onto the blog, but Ive basically had a great few flights and then got to Ada Ohio a small classicly American town as said by the gillespies and the Reeds. Speaking of the reeds we had a really great few days with Jeff and Elijah thats really why I havent been blogging coz we've been having a great time. SO anyway its been great we've eating loads watchin movies, playing guitar, having snow ball fights and sitting in hot tubs! The next few weeks Im all over the place so not sure as ever the frequency og blogging that will go. But anyway Having a great time, but looking forward to new year with the family.


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