Monday, December 20, 2004

DMB at the cinema

What a concert!...I picked this DVD up pretty cheap just recently on and we've been loving watch it in a cinema, yep thats right we've been checking out on a massive cinema screen with an awesome sound system, what a dream! We also went for a walk in -12c today! When I was in the hot tub my hair was freezing, actually freezing! Well its a hard life but we've had loads of fun, like we were at Ohio Northern Uni campus and Jeff offered to buy me taco bell for breaking the ice on a lake and sticking my head under, well i didnt really want the taco bell but the challenge had been set! so I went ahead and did it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to hear your travelling adventures. Missing you over here in St Combs, see you later. Stuart.

12/21/2004 02:54:00 pm  

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