Monday, January 03, 2005

Whats the point with regions

Well this blog really tends to become the trash can of my mind unfortunatly for you, but keep reading coz there are glimpses of hope round every corner....but let me for a moment rant, I was going to get a nice early night this evening as the last few days in cornwall being basically busy days seeing everyone I can and their dog, having jet lag and being ill, well I just wanted to watch a bit of my Dave Matthews DVD to finish a nice evening of "resting and digesting" but its an American DVD and this computer dosent have multi-region, But the main point coming from this is what the hec is the point in regions, and I dont want any of your logical copyright law comments, its so stupid its just another ploy for the media companies to squeeze some currency from our ever shrinking pockets, Im not advocating piracy but I think those warnings about putting media companies out of business through piracy are complete over reactions, were talking about international conglomerates here, so this is my clear message, 1 REGION WORLD.....DVD Unity, bring it on!


Blogger Antony Hanson said...

Amen. Preach on Brother Byrnes!

1/04/2005 09:28:00 pm  

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