Sunday, January 02, 2005

Happy 2005...jet lagggg

Its been really good to be back in cornwall, although Im not entirely beating the jet lag just sitting back and watching things happen is great for me. New Years was quiet but I was around some great people and the next day along with the rest of the south west of england we decided to go to the cinema and saw Phantom of the Opera and rate it a 2/5 as I was definatly not in the mood for operatics. These last few days have been great though chilling out seeing people and talking about visions for church plants down here and peoples longing for church to be redeemed, and anyway...2005 the year of action. Oh by the way I was really inspired to write a blog yesterday and was getting passionate about what I want to talk about, but Ive missed the boat but there was a good new year post by Tall Skinny so check it out....Have a year of purpose, passion and purity for something that really matters.


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