Friday, December 31, 2004

Home in Cornwall

Hey Guys, well we got back to the UK on Wednesday at 11:30, the flights were OK, but the jet lag is definatly killing me!...over night flights are hard to sleep on but it was fine. We then spent the afternoon with Jute and Rich, Johns friends and bought some nice new trainers in guilford, we then trekked it back to cornwall at six, surprising Beth and Lara which was funny, and cool to spend an hour with them, then I got home, we checked out some photos and went to bed, then yesterday we went to see Jake and Beth J in St Austell which was really nice to spend some time with them. Then we gave Pete his plush guitar and went to Jesse and Tracey it was great to see them but I was so tired I fell asleep during SNL, and then woke up and threw up which is not nice at all, Ive been up most of the night but im feeling alot better now.....tonight Im spending New Year with loads of great people so hopefully Ill be OK for that, anyway as Ive promised there'll be loads of new photos up once I get back to Aberdeen......Have a great new year guys!!....Thanks for comments, also cool to read


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