Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Well I just tried out e-payement that my Uni has set up for print budgets, but lo and behold acadmia and technology never got along and it still hasnt updated so Im bored and in Uni waiting to print stuff off for my revision for a exam next week!...Oh well Im actually secretly glad, coz theres nothing like good boredom inspired blog post! So here is a small list just for you when you get bored. - Weebls cartoons, alot of fun, some of them a little inappropriate but badgers and kenya are the best as they are pure vintage articles - Teen Girl Squad - Another pointless web cartoon - Start a photo album on fiwishop - Jamaican based, but free photo hosting whose complaining, and a very nice layout with some good features - Look at my Uni - Oh Aberdeen, the city of kings (and people with glum faces but we'll over look that) - skip from blog to blog, yep theres a button on the top right of the screen that says something like next blog but I am not affiliated to any content you find, its just a randomiser of blogs that are hosted on google. Oh and I just checked and my printer budget is updated adios non studying amigos! (I am so lame)


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