Monday, January 10, 2005

Studying hard?

Yeah I have and Im just about to, but before I do a few points, 1) the best thing Ive seen a blog do yet.....helped sweedish parents find their son after the tsunami 2) Its been much easier than I expected to be back, it was really awesome to see everyone at chruch yesterday and spend the evening over in st combs, today I got back in and strategised some revision with Dave Smith, a legend from CU and Anthropology but now Im gonna go because a) I need to strategise my sociology and... b) Im also cooking dinner for people at 5pm! 3)Im more and more realising that I do love Aberdeen more for the people than anything but also something makes me feel that its the right place to be, also Ive been being perplexed about being in a church that is 50 miles away from where I live but yet I love it for the fact that its being community (its 5 yr plan is to be a community that affects the community) but Ive been thinking God is actaully using St Combs to teach me things about Church as a concept and I know that my future is really tied in to the future of the church (universal, not necessarily st combs) and with starting divinity in february. 4) Im home so pictures have returned, this is a great pic I have as my background from new year, which incidently was much more relaxed and chilled than this picture might depict!
4b) Apparently some comments havent been coming up, Id love to say Im gonna work on it but Ive not idea whats going on so keep trying and if you have the time, or write a condensed war and peace then email it to me at coz you know I love the interactivity! 5) New Albums on the right hand side, check them out, going to the U.S. brought me back to US hip hop, Kanye Wests album is awesome, and im not trying to justify anything but I reckon he'll get saved from what he says in the album cover and the stuff on the album....well I spose its not me to judge whether hes saved but still, lets not get into that argument.


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