Saturday, January 08, 2005

Liam Returns (to Aberdeen)...The Sequel

This is a short post because I have exams on the 18th which is very soon so send one up for me would be appreciated, also you can ask that I would really be a faitful witness this year. Anyway I got back to Aberdeen which was great to see places but kind of tinged with sadness at leaving cornwall, as it was cool to spend time with you guys. Christmas was really good, and John remarked at Heathrow as I flew back up how his perspective had changed on things and I think it has definatly been a time of growth for, much of which I would love to unpack on the blog but to be honest my formal education is going to be a priority above bloggers obvious enriching qualities hehe. Anyway I got back to Aberdeen dropped my stuff in my room and went to see the aviator with Stu, Emelie, Craig, John, Jane, Rachael, and Judith, it was a good film but real long, then we went to The Fyvies and did some crazy personality test im normally pretty dubious but it was fairly accurate. Once I get the link Ill post it. Also my computer gets back on Sunday so you may even get the pleasure of some new pictures!


Blogger hannah said...

It's cool you're back in the silver city! Maybe we'll be able to meet up this term ... after all the exams that is.

1/08/2005 07:35:00 pm  

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