Tuesday, January 11, 2005

iPod Shuffle

Well the 60gb was an original find by me check it out here....but I have to admit this gem was found on skinnykiwis blog, man I feel cheap and un original but hey hope Andrew enjoys the traffic....anyway to the exciting point at hand, heres the new addition to the iPod family now as Im running a Bill Gates machine I definatly cant jump in as an apple faithful but I think we'd all agree iPods are one of the most desriable things out right now, and this is smaller than the iPod mini, with 512MB and 1GB models coming out and for a very cool $99 which converts to about £55 these days but you can bet that apple will never release it to the UK at that price. But hey we can all dream! Is this the start of seeing white headphone synonomous with rich student iPod owners being the norm for all of us who cant afford to get a mortgage out to buy an MP3 player....maybe, Im definatly considering it, but you know I still have my heart set on a 40GB puppy!


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