Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Its some windy up ere

Well last night I was with Graeme and Dave in town after a nice coffee and crepe (yes crepe) at kilo and and there where some major gusts of wind we joking ran about into lamposts but actually it seems theres been some what of scottish disaster, well Im safe so many more pointless posts for you but check out some major stuff going on due to the winds and flooding, from the left: "Two lorries were blown over in Scotland and Northern Ireland, killing one driver and another motorist. A separate Scotland crash killed a third motorist." BBC Then on the right thats Carlisle Uniteds Football ground!


Blogger John Gillespie said...

Hey dude just to say i wish i was up there too in that wild wild weather - have you check tallskinnykiwi on the wind... Crazy hey? Doesn't it make something rise in you somewhere? Sometimes the south is just too tame....


1/13/2005 12:03:00 am  

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