Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New Digital Camera on the way

Well I was too busy over the Exam period to blog about this thats why Ive had Blog post over drive tonight this being the 4th post so scroll down to get the rest of the blog love, but John got the exclusive on this bad boy! but the rumours are true now confirmed through official sources, I got my Student loan in with an extra grant of £330 that I forgot about so in the short space between the time I paid the terms rent of about £800 I decided to buy a digital Camera while I was still in the green or blue or whatever non-student mode is in your bank account. I got a great deal on a Canon which by all sources and my own perspective was the way to go, as they make real nice cameras and this one in particular is very bling! I played with the UK version down at John's as his friend had one...but I was wise and bought it from Amazon USA so I could get a cut rate price on it and turned out to be just under £200 and I got a Accessory kit with it, Also bought 2 512MB cards with it and a USB Card reader which will be great for 2 things the first is that I can put photos onto anyones computer without canon software as the USB drive is just a drive and it also means that now for $9.99 approx £5 I have a 512mb USB Pen to transport stuff around on. Anyway the camera is what Im really excited about. by the way its not in black I just inverted it so it would look cool on the blog click on the numerous links to see the camera in all it un-inverted glory


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