Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Font Sizes and Exams

Normal is the new small as you may have noticed blogger is no longer letting me change my font to small size I am now limited to TINY, NORMAL, LARGE and HUGE, so cast your votes now and email me at mail@liambyrnes.co.uk Man, I feel creativly stumped! No Small, woe is me....nar not really Anyway, my first 2 exams are over, they went pretty well, at least I think I passed them which would be 8/20 Ill be happy with a 13 anymore will be a bonus, Im feeling more chilled out now, since Ive been back they've been hanging over me a little, I have one more to go on the 26th which should be OK though I d3efinatly need to get underway with some revision but Im hoping that because I did it for A Level (Comparative Politics: USA/UK) that I can draw on some of that. Then into the new semester


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