Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Kilau, Coffee, Crepe's and Baguettes!

Hey well after all those hard exams, where better to go then Kilau, You know what Im not sure exactly how its spelt but I pronounce it Kilo, anyway darn fine food and coffee, and a great place to chill out. I stole this photo from another blog while I was searching on google to see if there was a Kilau website, but no....so I stole this photo from all rights go to him, no permission asked so I hope he'll be ok!?...anyway he said not so many great things about Aberdeen on his visit, but hey what can you do, I know its great and its gonna get better I reckon so next time get in contact and Ill try and show you the better side of Aberdeen Peter D Cox, check out his blog (this is kind of repayment for the stolen pic!) Anyway back onto the subject in hand, Kilau is swift becoming the place to be in Aberdeen, and will certainly be where I take people from now on. For the last week and a half Ive been at least once every 2 days. Pretty Cheap food, but with a nice classy feel, brown leather sofas, cool pics and lighting, more Original photos probs when I get my camera!


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