Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Divinity, Its Decided

Well I finally made it official today, enough it was where the rubber hit the road today. Last semester I felt like I really wanted to change my degree structure which is a pretty big thing, fortunatly I donty loose anytime over it, and I can convert my points from this 1st semester straight into the Divinity School. My Advisor is a german politics lecturer who is in his first year at Aberdeen and he has been quite cool but he was really reluctant to let me do it, he was like "this is completly putting all your eggs in one basket" and I had to really work to convince him to let me do it, which at first I wasnt ready for but then I was like yeah this is a test to see of I really want to go for it, coz he was like "Oh just take one module of politics then you keep your options open and I could have but I really thought I just want to go for this with everything that I have got so here goes. Also I said to him "I guess whatever it is makes you passionate for Politics, is the thing which makes me passionatly want to do Divinity" which although dosent make alot of sense was the reason he let me do it. So here goes, its quite a big step for me because I am definatly a social science guy, I thrive in looking at society in all the sociology and Anthropology lectures this year when people where saying "man that a boring lecture" I was really loving it and muchos interested in it" but I could see to be honest even though its interesting, its not going to fulfill me and Divinity in some strange way I feel is gonna equip me for the things God has for me in the future. I know my future in some way is tied into the future of the church because thats the thing God has made me passionate about, and the thing I love..his people, his plan and his bride. So I am excited to get going though apprehensive because with Politics and Social Research I knew I could basically flunk my way through because I have a natural gift for understanding things within that field where as Ive never done Divinity before and I dont know if I can be good at it. With Politics and Social Research through the first semester I discovered and decided if I just work hard at it I can definatly get a first (the top class of degree) and I dont know if I can do that with Divinity, Im not just going to give up on trying to get it but I know that I could well be trading a first for going for something that God has called me to, and thats OK, I always pray for God to make me a man of humility and in part I think getting a first may be or could become at least a pride thing, so Im gonna work for his glory and pray that he'll help me do well. So this semester will be 4 courses...HARDCORE! More work...now working toward a Degree of Master of Arts in Divinity - Christian belief: its Critics and Defenders - Popular Sprituality in Contemporary Western Culture - Earliest portraits of Jesus: Introduction to the Gospels - The Law and the prophets So here we go!


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