Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Day of Chill

Yes, today indeed was a day of chill, I was grieving all day for this poor monitor through which I am peering through to write this blog but hey Ive had some interaction which relisys even if it wasn't constructive. Anyway today started very slowly at around 10am which was a nice sleep in, but for some reason everytime I sleep in I regret it, so I was in a rush by the time I got up, and so to attempt to be faithful to RGU in Aberdeen who lives in Shetland, and found the blog through Andrews firstly I think a redemtive act from the blog of tall skinny kiwi who gets linked here all the time!..hehe. Anyway that was good, nothing like a good conversation with a white americano. Hannah had to leave after about an hour but we got talking about Fire from the North which looks like a cool thing happening in August in Shetland, it seems to have a great heart even if the conference fees and accomadation dont quite panda to a student budget! Dont ask me why but since purchasing an official "one year bible" which by the way does work better I think, Ive decided to start again so Im now on January 4th so hoping Ill be able to catch up in the next few weeks. Another interesting fact today is I have recoiled from Labelling the New Living Translation the new liberal translation, as a) it was obviously annoying Dave and b) Its actually quite good, I definatly enjoyed its translations today and the footnotes where well set out too, and hey anything that Billy Graham advocates is good with me, hehe! I also read a chapter or so of "Renogotiating the church contract" which seems really good, very full on as the preface and 1st chapter speak about things that God has been putting on my heart for a while now but this book really is not beating around the bush, not in a rebellious way, but it really is "interesting" which is my way of saying Im still not too sure whether its abit scandalous to fully advocate it, which is fair seeing as I only have read a little of it, but I am comforted by a review/comment on the back of the book by Matt Bird formerly from the Joshua Generation who in my opinion is a very sound guy. Anyway, long post today, but basically Ive been chilling out, buying books (of which I have now pledged to stop) and played a bit of Pro Evolution IIII with the guys, but now Im gonna do some more reading. 2HisGlory PS. Good post today by Jon, even though its so dark I could hardly read it, felt like a trip to specsavers!


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