Saturday, January 22, 2005

Lighten up

Yes a combination of my monitor lightening slightly and the nastiness of that horrible white template has meant were back to the original (who tells me its good to be back) Ive had a busy couple of days, yesterday I finally did washing for the first time since I got back from the states which sounds nasty but in fact they were all clean when I got back and I have so many clothes at the moment Ive had the ability to put it off until then. Anyway after that I went into Fraserburgh and went to a mid week service which for most churches is pretty boring but I had a good time and got to pretend to be stuart fyvie on the guitar with complex little picking, John Nichol a guy who I envisage I will be running (not the physical kind) with in the future and I shared about Jesus and it was generally a good night of banter and encouragement. Anyway I would blog in a fuller manner but hey Im off to bed would you ook at the time, who would think you would get back at this time from CU (Christian Union)!!! Oh theres gonna be an Aberdeen Uni 24-7 Week in the next couple of weeks so that will be cool. Check out 24-7/ Boiler rooms if you havent before!


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