Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What the Hec is RSS

Again another good explanation of RSS Syndication....I asked this question for a while but now Ive pretty much got a good idea of how it works and how to use it. so Click here to go to Feedburners Definition and summary. Andrew and I had a good time tweaking the RSS Feeds on his site last night and checking out the othe cool tools offered by FeedBurner Also when my exam and the pending revision is over (a couple of days) Im gonna blog more extesivly on "Renegotiating the Church Contract - The Death and Life of the 21st Century Church" and whats going on through that. Til then Peace...4 His Glory


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liam! Im at church "working" and i thought...mmm i'll have a quick wee looky at Liams website.......half an hour later...

oh and I found my blog that i wrote to you at christmas time - so have another look for it. I hope that this blog is successful and it actually gets published on your website, but part of me fears that i will be writing you blogs for the rest of my life and you'll never actually get them. People say its the thought that counts - but really, what good is my thought doing if you never actually get them.."nightmare"

Costco trip was a success. I saw Calvin from S Club Juniors can you believe it? Claim to fame. "One step closer to heaven" (thats the song they sing if you dont know - i didnt mean that since ive seen him im one step closer to heaven..oh my goodness) And just for the record im not a fan of the group - he's just famous and i couldnt believe he was in costco...sorry that you couldnt come and share the star studded event with me.

Anyway Roads trip to plan...swimming woowho.
Have an afa gweed day.
Rach the year oot quinne.

1/25/2005 12:12:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha yeah, great comment, I just found your comment from christmas day thats real funny...im afraid I hadnt heard of the song! never mind....or of the one by S Club Juniors, Im obviously well behind the times or too well immersed in Hip hop (tho Im listenin to Timmy Hughes just now in Uni non a errr study break, no ive been pretty good really)! Anyway was cool to get your post heres the one from Christmas day for the rest of you

LIAM FIT LIKEY!!Its christmas day at the 5e household.(and everywhere else in the world come to think of it. Another example of my blonde moments again - surprisingly around you - the only time i have them (janes laughing).)Jane and I are chilling out round the computer and thought that we would drop you a line to say ho ho ho meeeeerrry christmas. "Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad...i wanna wish you a merry christmas, i wanna wish you a merry christmas, i wanna wish you a merry christmas, from the bottom of my heeeaaaaart." (i hope youve heard that song - if not, we are embarassed.)So yeah - we hope that you are having the craziest time with Mr G and all the travelers you meet along the way. We miss you and are excited to here all about your adventures when you get back.
"Shake your ass Watch yourself."
Rach and Jane

1/25/2005 03:46:00 pm  

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