Thursday, January 27, 2005

Matches and Church Unity

How ever much Id like to tie those two together I cant the first subject is that Im very excited about these great matches you get at LIDL 3 for 85p and they have awesome photos on the front of the box! If your near by (in the UK or Germany) then go right now! Anyway other than being excited about Lidl products Ive been thinking today about contemporary Church history particularly the Charasmatic "non-revival" of the 80's, as I, but a child, was born in the 80's I can only really comment on what Ive heard and seen the legacies of, so bear with me and comment with your growls if you want....(click on the continue reading/post a comment below to read the rest of this post) Everyone within the charasmatic church seemed to get very excited about a pending move of God which didn't seem to happen, now Im not counting the countless miracles and experiences of God felt at that time, but there seemed to be a wave of revival excitement which all of a sudden hit the beach. Now my point isnt to cut down charasmatics or the 80's but I wonder is there anyway in which the church could stop riding waves into the beach and could be a speedboat. I think there are two things which are happening in the UK which have the potential to create a more long term church renewal/ revival/ emergence, whatever you call the church becoming the bride of Christ in fuller way... 1)The willingness to Unity and acceptance of that denominational based pride is not the way to "command a blessing" and the "we've got it, they haven't attitude is detrimental to God's soveriegn plan. 2) The emergence of dis-satisifaction with current Church when it exists as a boring, sunday centred religious event, and the discovery of church as a community based relationship, which in turns re-evaluates what it is to "be church" and operate as Jesus' disciples on earth. To be faithful to the gospel while communicating and living it in a contemporary setting.


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