Thursday, January 27, 2005

The GodFather and Liams Mexican Recipe#1

Well theres been a thing at Grace Community Chruch in Cornwall for a while with calling someone "the don" its kind of a saying just meaning the same type of thing as "your the man" etc...anyway tommorow to celebrate the end of my exams Im joining in with a GodFather Trilogy Marathon! How exciting!...One day where there no revision, no Uni reading and just chilling in front of the escapism box (TV/Monitor) although the only draw back is Im head chef for the day, but that will mostly consist of easy to make Nachos. Click here for the Recipe to this Delicious 10 Minuite Snack Liams Mexican Nachos (adapted from Beth Gillespie original!) Vary this recipe for different numbers but it works well for 2 with these vague proportions! -1 Large Bag of Nacho's (try and get flavourless ones, in the states Tostillas is the best in the UK the cheaper Supermarket own brands are the better bets Id say) - Diced Lettuce/Salad - Cherry Tomatoes halved - Avacado - 2 Peppers, diced - Chicken or Turkey Breast slices - Chilli Powder - Cheese, lots of it - Salsa - Guacamole - Sour Cream/Natural Yoghurt To Make - Empty half a bag of Nachos onto each plate (2) - Stir fry the Chicken strips and Peppers together - Chop up the salad, avocado and Cherry tomatoes - Add a little chilli powder and Olive oil to the chicken and Peppers - Once the Chicken is cooked and Peppers browned halves it and distribute as evenly as possible on top of the nachos on the plate - Now the Salad/tomatoes and Avocado - Depending on preference you may consider putting abit of salsa and sour cream on now or just use them as dips later - Now very generousnly grate the cheese over the plate until you cant see any of it, and then grate some more, because once this baby melts you'll wish you'd put more on. Now some Chilli Powder on the cheese, an then 3mins full heat in the microwave for each plate and you've got yourself a fine Mexican plate or Nachos


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