Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Cinema and Pro Evo

Well to be honest I dont want to do the staying up late thing like this as much as possible this semester though I think it may be partially conduicive with being a student and all, but I am much more porductive and focussed when I get up ion the morning so bring that timetable forward. Anyway I thought Id let you in on tonights proceedings. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Snpafax deals have started up again at UGC Cineams in Aberdeen so I went and saw "Meet the Fockers" with Dave Smith, Jack and Manuel....I laughed out loud wuite a few times so it was plenty funny but not maybe all it was cracked up to be, and I dont think Ill own it. So probably a 7/10.....Good Fun night out, but a bit formulaic. Then we went over to the Aberdeen centre for all Good Christian Entertainment, Graeme and Bens House...first of all I won my first game of Pro Evo V, How triumphant am I.....very!

Then we chilled out and shared stuff in the same way as we've been doing on Mondays for a few weeks now, just encouraging each other and being accountable. Also a bit of photography for you here today as well. The quality has been reduced so it'll load faster but its from the left: Dave Smith, Graeme Shanks, and Ben Hulk...contrary to the red eye their really good guys. Anyway more Adventures soon.


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