Monday, January 31, 2005

Its a New Day

Hey, Im in some down time in the library...had a great return to Aberdeen after a really good day at church seeing some guys who just got back from Arizona. But I came back to my new digital camera!...A Little Britain Box Set which I got for £8 off ebay, I didnt realise I was winning it still! And a very belated Christmas card my mum sent up to Aberdeen a few weeks before Christmas! Can you believe it, what a mail system, although I suspect it had something to do with the fact she had written Amberdeen instead of Aberdeen Bless her. Also just had my very first Divinity was good, it was a Law and Prophets course so it was like an intro to the pentateuch, I thought it was interesting if not slow moving, but I met a guy from CU after the lecture who was in there and he said that its the most boring lecture hes been to since hes been at Uni so that bode's well for the rest of the courses. But so typically even though I got up early enough so have as shower and get to the early morning prayer meeting on campus, once I got to the prayer meeting I realised I only knew the building not the lecture theatre it was in, so at 9am as soon as the prayer meeting had finished I ran over with Frazer to the computers to get the room, once I got in the room I realised I didnt have a pen, the only redemptive act was that the lecturer gave us crazily detailed lecture notes. Anyway thats my day so far....Oh also had a great little chat with John last night about being like Jesus, Im excited to keep running the race in his light! And discovered the angry taxpayer comment maker was Mark Davy.....typical, you cheekster Also the irony of getting a digital camera is that I cant actually take a photo of it to blog but you can expect much more photo visual blogs from now on!


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