Friday, February 04, 2005

Owning Books which have bad titles

For some reason, I have this thing about books, I would love to have a grea library of books, but I kind of struggle with owning books that I dont agree with or have ridiculously pretentious titles. Not unlike the book Ive just had to add to my collection which has great reviews and is required reading for my course yet it ludicrously titled "An Intelligent Person's Guide to Religion" now Im sure this is a interesting and exhaustive guide to the course which I am studying but surely John Haldane a Proffesor of Philosophy at St. Andrews could be kind enough to call it something like "The Indepth Guide to Religion" as it is not talking about different religions as we know them but with God his attributes etc. I dont know why I take such an aversion to things like this, maybe its the quiet liberal within me who screams for equality but I would prefer it would be the thing inside me which echoes the scriptures which speak of there is no longer male or female, jew or gentile. I can recognise that some people have an intellectual ability above me and below me but its the inference and the academic elitism which fustrates me of titling a work "An Intelligent Person's...."



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