Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Emergents in Action

This post is awesome, its maybe the first time a 19 year old has wanted to be 36 (not really) but this was just a great post I thought I would share. I want to live life like this, being in hard times but those bearing fruit (bit of a cliche but what the hey) and well I just thought this was awesome...props go to Jason Clark who is seeking to know Jesus more and more through his life evidently, I dont know much of him but from what I can gather his is very sound. This was my favourite part: "As I look back over the past 8 years, it has been the most painful, and most fulfilling time of my life. The process of of deconstruction, and reconstruction, within our relationship with Emergent, has been the most wonderful gift from God, and has enabled our hopes to take shape. We have a community full of new christians, are known as a church connected to our community, have weclomed people into life (babies), and had the privelege of burying some of our family, as we do life together. It's my 36th Birthday today, I'll remember this one well." This post is more than just a "yeah Gods good" and me wanting to be Jason Clark, no offence to Jason but Im quite happy to be Liam but it made me think, I just want to go at life with everything I have, and give that all to Jesus...Its not the first time Ive had that thought but sometimes we look forward down the road and see somebody who's living the life and it just inspires you to run harder and faster where you are. 4HisGlory


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