Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Heroes of the Faith: Wesley

Brad is preaching here and Ive been listening to it as I get ready to go into Uni and hes talking about the nature of Christianity...the gospel is offensive because it challenges world view and that your telling people who dont even acknowledge his existence that he is Lord over their lives. And the reason Im blogging about this is because he talks about an old hero of the faith, and I just love these stories from the days when John Gillespie used to preach with them on sunday as I was growing up so here you go: John Wesley (Brad had only heard the story not read it but thinks its from John Wesleys Journals)was a tough preacher just like the rest of the revivalists, he knew the consequence of the gospel, he had been persecuted through his ministry and he was riding from city to city preaching and he realised that for a few days no one had thrown a tomato at him, or a rock. So he got off his horse, knelt down and prayed he said God am I disobedient, have I missed the gospel, the batten of the new testament is conflict....wheres the conflict, then some libertine drunkard heard him praying and said "your stupid Idiot" and threw a rock at him, Welsey shouted "Praise the Lord, confirmation that I am obedient"


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