Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Emergence in Aberdeen

Come to Soul Thursday 10th Feb on Union Street a bar from a converted church on Union Street near where Water stones is, It will be a great place to chat, learn a bit and network with some great people in Aberdeen about church, God and Aberdeen! MORE Well I've lived here for the Grand total of 6 months now and I’ve continually been praying more about the reason I’m here, and God has been teaching me about Church etc, and I’ve been basically refining and re-evaluating the methodology of Church that I had boxed church in by. I’ve been going to a great church in St Combs, which is a new church plant outside of Aberdeen. Also I decided to change my degree to Divinity from Politics and Social Research I think its symbolic basically of me giving over my life to building the church for his glory. Also I met Joy from Fusion, and talked about Church, it wasn’t really conclusive about anything but we had a great chat about life, Aberdeen and church. I was excited about meeting with Chuck Freeland who I was put in contact with from some friends in Soul Survivor Watford, but haven’t met them yet, but I hear they are in City Church with my friend Ben Hulk. But another interesting and exciting move has happened just recently through the early morning prayer meeting on campus and the recent 24/7 week I’ve met with Andy Stobart and PhD student here for the same time as me 4years and has moved up from the London School of Theology (Formally LBC), great guy, really intelligent and has been preaching at local Methodist churches etc. The other day a guy who I me a few times at the start of Uni who is the don, is Neil Mullan he sent me a text message saying Thurs 4pm @ Soul, me, Andrew Stobart etc are hanging out to talk bout God, reconciliation, etc. Fancy It?? So I saw Neil the other day who said he was excited about it, Andrew was an intelligent guy and he thought it would be cool to just pick his brains...anyway it sounded cool and I was definitely up for dialogue about Aberdeen and those things. Then I came across this blog in favourites which to be honest I don’t think I’ve read since I bookmarked it but I’m going through them and grabbing some syndication for Thunderbird reader, and check it out, some web plugging. The real irony is that my first visit to Aberdeen was to come to a Student Conference called Riding The Wave ran by some of my friends, Les and Susan Fyvie and now Im meeting in it as a bar to talk about church, the change in the venue is almost as drastic as the change in my perception and vision towards church!


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