Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Damien Rice

This is a random plug for a great singer/songwriter, Damien Rice for no apparent reason apart from I stumbled over this great photo, its not even thats its Damien Rice in it but its just a cool photo....But seriously if anybody comments on this post and not on my actually thought provoking ones below, it might be the end of me....hehe only joking! CLICK HERE FOR THE POST AND PHOTO Back to Damien Rice, His Album"O" was a big hit, the first time I heard it was in northern Ireland on a great few day holiday with some guys I had gone to Morocco with the year before. I was sitting with music legend Phil and we laughed at the ridiculous last few tracks which can get a little wierd if your not in the mood. But on the otherhand if you are in the mood then its great stuff to chill out to, and pretty easy guitar for all you acoustic legends like me who love to rip off bad versions of the songs on your guitars! It is really pretentious but of course theres that funny thing where if you are in the mood you dont even noticed it. A good example for me is OK Computer by RadioHead, I know its depressing and suicidal music but when Im depressed, it makes no ends I never notice its dark undertones!....Anyway Im Blabbering tho thats the title of the blog so Im sure I can use some kind of artistic liscence. Anyway the cool photo was the point of the post so check it out below...


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