Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Prayer 24/7 & Broken Cameras

The Prayer 24-7 Week at Aberdeen Uni is going well although the middle of the night praying times are killing Dave Smith, but hes in everynight fortunatly I had last night off! But Ive popped in during th day on campus sometimes as well. If you've ever been to a 24/7 room or even a boiler room you will have a good idea of what its like. I would take a nice stitch photo for you but guess what I broke my new camera! What a knightmare, well Ive decided that although its bad there no point in getting bummed out by a material thing breaking. Its not convered by the warranty either so Im going to complain to Canon USA, talk to my house insurance company and see if I can find a better quote than £120 that I got from Canon UK yesterday. Anyway back to the Prayer room, here is a poem i read on the wall today that was amongst all the bible verses and prayers written down, I thought it was cool, I dont know if its taken from somewhere or an original of the person who wrote either way Im not sure who wrote it: God has not promised skies ever blue flower strewn pathways all our lives through God has not promised Sun without Rain Joy without Sorrow or peace without Pain BUT he has promised strength for each day Rest after labour, light for our way Grace for ALL that, help from above unfailing sympathy, undying love - Anonymous (Thanks to John for the Missing line)


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