Thursday, February 10, 2005

A Very Brief thought on Sunday

What is church for? Why is it here? Well if I had more time Id probably check out some new testament church models and see what that looks like but to be honest I need to get my day in the non-virtual world going soon, so this will be quick. CLICK HERE FOR MORE But Church I think needs to be a place where brothers and sisters (and I dont use that in a light way, this is significant of deep selfless relationship) coming together corporately and saying "Your Worthy God" Dont get me wrong our lives should be proclaiming that, but theres something different about that day, that way of meeting God coming together as family, having fellowship, getting equipped by his word and spirit. Some of us dont have the luxury which more rural based churches enjoy of running the race during the week together, we have to go to our work, our School, wherever and Church on Sunday as opposed to when it happens during the week is about saying "Yeah God, today we seek you, we set it apart its not about me just communing in the spirit with you and living my busy life, but about setting myself apart" does that mean straight after church service we just need to go and pray until the next service, I dont think so, I think its about relationship with Jesus and then relationship to the people around us, and to be his ambassador through action not just words. I'm not saying God meets us in a better, stronger way on Sundays I'm just saying I think God loves seeing his people in meaningful community. St Combs encompasses this in part with its a vision of "Being a Community, that affects the wider community" Anyway its time to live the life!.....leave a comment on my swift post with your thoughts, I look forward to it.


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