Friday, February 18, 2005

Being Miscommunicated

I cant stand being mis-represented, it just plain sucks...but does the secret of being well percieved lie in communicating yourself conciously as opposed to let yourself just "be" in a situation. I dont know what relevance this has but Ive just been thinking about it, I dont like the idea of presenting yourself in a concious way, but maybe knowing who you are fully means you can do that. And I suppose which is the lesser evil being pre-cognitive in presenting an authentic picture of yourself or being mis-communicated by people making assertions about everything you do in ther first few meetings? Well Im not sure, I think that even if you were to do the whole pre-cognitive, im not sure how you would do it?'d have to be careful of manipulation I guess....Random thoughts can you tell I sat here with a blank page thinking of something to write>??? 4HisGlory


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