Friday, February 18, 2005


Ive been running a little reffering blog roll down on the bottom of the left handside which automatically links any site that reffers to me. At the moment Arlens Blog is re-directing to me like theres no tommorow so thanks Arlen, but whats made the blog roll worthy of a post is my 5th biggest referrer is Low Rise Butt Cleavage in hehe, I love it. Thanks also go to John whose been referring like this king he is, also hes coming up next weekend which will be great. Also I sent my camera back to Canon to get fixed and it looks like my house insurance may cover the cost! excellent. Ill be writing more thought provoking stuff soon but this week has been Aberdeens Mission Week which has gone really well. Im going to right soon hopefully (but even writing this as a reminder for myself) 1) Relatavism and the contorted version we can apply to understanding individuality in the church. 2) Understanding Global Justice through Class 3) The Unnatainable Ideal (inspired by Renogotiating the Church Contract - James Thwaites) 4) 5 Stages of Faith? Modernist theory for post modern spirituality


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