Monday, February 21, 2005

Starbucks and Films

I just got back from skipping lectures and going to Starbucks with Stu, Emelie and Chris...had a "Byrnesy Americano" Goto Starbucks and ask for: A Grande Americano with hot milk like a cafe misto so no latte kind of foam, and 2 and a half pumps of Vanilla syrup instead of the normal 5....The Perfect Coffee! Have had a quick read of a guy who's linked from John talking about Band of Brothers, which I loved when I watched it in one week on DVD over the summer, also watched a great film yesterday called "The War to end all Wars" which is completly got a sub narratrive of Jesus, and just an amazing picture of self sacrifice in a Japanese Internement camp, where a guy gets crucified in the place of another prisoner who killed a guard, it shook me out of my comfortable level of self sacrifice and servanthood!


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